A member shall not discriminate and will provide services to all concerned, and will not act upon discriminatory pressure. All members will as far as practicable follow the Race Relations Code of Practice in Rented Housing (keeping in line with government guidelines as laid down in the Race Relations Act 1976, Sex Discrimination Act 1974, Accommodations Agencies Act section 137, Housing Act 1988, Section 180 and Local Government Housing Act 1987).

Each member should keep at least one bank account (known as a Client Account) which shall be separate from the company’s trading account(s). All monies held in such an account shall not be available for the trading purposes of the company, or the security for a loan or for any other purpose save where specifically authorised by the client.

A member will also keep proper written accounts to show dealings as they relate to individual clients and will be prepared to do so at short notice.

A member is under a duty to avoid any act which involves dishonesty or behaviour of an unscrupulous or dishonest and deceitful nature, which shows moral unfitness to be a managing agent, or in any way brings the Association into disrepute.

As a condition of membership a member shall at all times have in place Professional Indemnity Insurance (PI Insurance), and be able to prove this is renewed annually.

In accordance with The Accommodation Agencies Act 1953, a member shall not demand money from a prospective tenant when supplying particulars of properties to let. A fee, which is set at the discretion of each individual member, shall only become payable when an offer of tenancy is formally accepted.

A member shall not seek to conduct business by methods which are designed to take advantage of any weakness or ignorance on the part of any person.

A member shall use all due diligence in looking after its client’s interests and shall take all reasonable steps to protect and promote its client’s interests. A member shall ensure that each client is aware from the outset of the terms and conditions upon which its services are supplied.

Before accepting an instruction from a client a member shall disclose in writing to this client any existing conflict of interest or circumstances likely to give rise to a conflict of interest.

BALMA does not set standard charging rates for its members, who are entitled to charge as they wish and in accordance with market conditions etc. It is recommended that a prospective client seeks advice from their chosen BALMA agent as to what their charges will be for each service they offer.